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Our Story 

Single Girl Club originally began as a personal celibacy blog that highlighted the difficulties of dating while celibate in Los Angeles. However, after noticing the need for a safe space for single women, it quickly became a lifestyle website dedicated to empowering single women to build a better relationship with themselves.


Society has always told women that our purpose was to settle down and to have children as quickly as possible. This narrative has pressured many women to abandon their own goals, rush into toxic relationships,  and pivot away from their desired paths so that they can appease their family and culture. Single Girl Club challenges that harmful stigma and alters the narrative by highlighting all of the benefits of singleness. It offers information on ways to make this extra time profitable, purposeful, and prosperous for the single woman.


This platform is a place where all single women can come for inspiration. It is a place where self-care and mental wellbeing is encouraged. And it's an environment that motivates single women to pursue their goals and focus on learning to love themselves so that they can have fruitful relationships in every aspect of their lives.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower single women to become the best version of themselves, for themselves, and to help motivate them through all phases of their singleness journey.​ Our blogs are designed to help inspire women to achieve their goals and provide education on the importance of self love, spirituality, dating & relationships, career advice, and how to properly manage finances.