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We're always looking for new writers who have a story to share. If you're interested in submitting to Single Girl Club, please read these submissions guidelines thoroughly first!

We love to share inspirational stories that uplift our readers and remind them of the amazing things we're all capable of. We keep it real, but always with a note of positivity and encouragement.

Topics we love include: trends in beauty and fashion, career advice, positive takeaways from difficult situations, the post-college transition, dating and relationship advice. We want you to bare your soul, share your ideas, and open up discussion.

If this is your first time submitting to Single Girl Club, please keep the following in mind:

  • We prefer full drafts on the first pitch so we can get an idea of your writing style and ability to build a readable narrative.

  • Keep it light! Even when the topic is heavy, we want to see the inspirational takeaway.

  • Send your submissions to

  • Put your proposed title in the subject line - keep it snappy and eye catching. 

  • Include writing samples, if applicable! We would love to see your versatility.

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