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  • Meagan A. Culberson

Meet Our Woman Crush, Khelli Dowdell

Updated: Jun 10

This month's #womancrush goes to the incredibly talented and beautiful Khelli Dowdell.

I first met Khelli while we both worked at Bloomingdales! I was incredibly happy that the first person I met at my new job was a black woman. I immeditately felt at home and was relieved. We quickly became friends and every time I spend time with her, her colorful, vibrant and optimistic spirit runs off on me. She is my accountability partner and keeps me in check and helps remind me of the goals that I have put in place for myself.

So I wanted to highlight her and ask her a few questions about her goals and how she shows love to herself.

What have you learned about yourself during your time being single?

During my time as a single gal, I've learned that I really do enjoy it. I like my own company, I like being alone, I like having the ability to pick up my phone & change that when I want then go right back to my scared privacy when I want. Being single was a conscious choice and it simply stemmed from me realizing I have no desire to be in a relationship right now. I have learned that I'm content and comfortable in this space.

What are some goals you are focusing on during your time being single?

I am focusing on my business and my body. Those are my only goals right now. Growing my menswear company, is the most important thing in my world. As a new entrepreneur, it gets difficult because time is never on your side, the to-do list is endless and there are so many reasons to stop but I have tunnel vision and I'm focused on bringing it to life. My goal is to be consistently active, eat healthier and learn about more natural products I can use for my hair, skin and even in my home. My body is a temple and I am focused on treating it accordingly.

How are you accomplishing your goals?

Doing the work is key in accomplishing any goal. You have to have a plan and actually take steps (even baby steps count) to see progress. I work a normal weekday 9-5, but I sat down with my employer and had a frank conversation about my business goals and my need to dedicate time to that. I no longer work my regular job on Fridays. This full day (in addition to everyday after work lol) is for me to focus on GROOMHER and nothing else. Now this bawdy-odie-odie, I'm also working on daily. I already eat pretty clean but I've increased my attendance at hot yoga, I'm staying on top of my nightly home work-outs and hiking with friends more often + inviting them to hold me accountable for the exercising goals I set. After catching that awful cold that sweep across LA, I'm finally taking natural vitamins daily to ensure my body is ready for whatever tries to infiltrate next. I also just started experimenting with seamoss (Click here to learn more) and looking forward to continuing this super healthy, super single lifestyle while smashing my goals.

How do you practice self-love?

I practice self-love by putting me first in all situations. I mind my business and focus on Khelli. I try my best not to exert any unnecessary energy. Self-love is doing things for you that makes you happy and removing anything combating that. I make sure I pamper myself, I give myself a break to lounge around for a couple of hours, I wash my hands of relationships that feel uneasy, I splurge on a lipgloss that randomly comes across my timeline, I love from a distance, I say no and stick to it, I'm self-loving all up on me. *sings "kiss up and rub up and feel up" in my Beyonce voice

What advice would you give women who are struggling being content during their single life? 

Babygirl, this too shall pass. You are whole with or without a significant other but you have to master being alone before you can allow another person in. Of course everyone wants companionship...but spend some time exploring you first. When the time comes, when you're absolutely ready, you'll align with your special human. I read this quote the other day "Whatever you are looking for is looking for you too" and I believe that. Just breathe and enjoy the right now.