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  • Meagan A. Culberson

Meet Our Woman Crush, Allie Sugano

Updated: Jun 10

My Leo Queen, Allie and I met years ago while working retail together. As I've mentioned before most of my crushes are based on my friendships that I've developed during that period.

I have always admired Allie's courage, confidence and her hustlers mindset. She uses her platform to educate others on social issues and encourages people to use their voices to spark social change. She is incredibly stylish, a phenomenal cook, a great listener and not to mention drop dead gorgeous! I have seen her evolve in many areas in her life and when we spend time together it leaves me feeling motivated and joyful.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! My names Allie and I’m from Orange County originally, but I’ve been living in LA for the past six years! I work in the beauty industry doing events and education and have been for about four years!

What has your single life taught you?

The single life has taught me how much I value my independence! I love being single! I really love doing my own thing and creating my own future without needing to worry about anyone else.

What are some of the things that you want to accomplish during this season?

Career goals! My head is down and I’m working. There’s no better time to do it! I’m also striving to push myself outside my comfort zone, in whatever way that may be. I just want to try new things and be fearless.

How do you deal with the frustrations during this season?

I’ve learned to not hold onto frustration and let go of what isn’t serving me. I’m trying to focus and appreciate the little victories and happy moments, and letting things that are upsetting me go.

How do you practice self love?

Self love to me is different on a daily basis, it’s honestly about listening to my body. If I want to stay in sweats and watch Netflix all day, I will, and that’s self love. Or if I want to give myself a full beat and take pictures, that’s also self love. It’s all about doing things that fulfill me on a daily basis. No more self love or self care Sunday, it’s a self love everyday type of thing!

How do you handle stress?

I don’t, lol. I am an anxious person and when I get stressed I get STRESSED. Something I’m working on in myself is finding ways to alleviate that stress and live in the present. My acupuncturist told me is that “anxiety and stress is because you’re living in the future.” And that’s the truth, so I need to focus on being present and stop letting my mind slip away, so if you have recommendations let me know!

What advice would you give women who are struggling being content during their single season?

I would say to find your happiness, no matter what that is. I love being single because this is the time I am able to learn about myself and find my passion, without needing to worry about someone else’s happiness. Push yourself and motivate yourself, so when you do meet someone you want to give your precious time and energy to, you’re the best version of yourself. And only accept someone who matches that energy!

Fall in love with yourself all over again, make yourself feel sexy, smart, accomplished, strong, and beautiful.

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