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  • Meagan A. Culberson

5 Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating & Organize Your Life

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As a recovering procrastinator, I came to the realization that all procrastination has done in my life was add more anxiety and stress. I would commonly explain my reasoning to wait until the last minute was because the added pressure made me "work better." However, after some soul searching and trauma work, I have now accepted it for what it truly is, my fear of failure.

Because of this fear, I would constantly talk myself out of opportunities and delay my preparation process, which eventually resulted in my work. The more prepared I was, the better my assignment was, and because I wasn't preparing myself, my final result was a lackluster presentation of my true potential. During this self-betterment journey, I have decided to no longer participate in the procrastination process. I desire to give more effort to everything I am truly passionate about and take the necessary steps to plan accordingly. To achieve this goal, I have to stay organized, consistent, and realistic.

After some research on how I could save myself from procrastinating, I have accumulated a list of ways that you can help rescue you too!


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It can be frustrating to work in spaces that are unkempt, disorganized, and have stagnant negative energy. Having good organization skills will reduce your stress, increase productivity and your overall quality of work. The first step to getting organized is to create a functional workflow. Everything must have a place that is convenient and memorable. Section designated areas for paperwork, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items.

Also, it would benefit you greatly to arrange your space in a way that will allow the energy in your environment to flow better by incorporating some Feng Shui. According to, Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your space to create balance. Its purpose is to create harmony between you and your space, which will be helpful in your work area.


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I hate feeling overwhelmed and consumed by my thoughts, and something that I have learned to help combat that is to write things down. Writing a to-do list can help you tremendously when organizing a project, event, or pretty much anything. If you are old-fashioned, like me, you can create your lists with pen and paper. If you are looking for something digital, go with programs like Trello or These programs will allow you to assign specific tasks to individuals in your group (if you're working on a group project) and also enables you to set due dates.

You can organize your to-do list in the way that makes the most sense to you. I typically group my lists into categories based on projects and then arrange the sub-lists within these categories based on time sensitivity. To help keep you on top of your game, you must review your lists at the end of the day to double-check and cross off all the things you got done. There is something so satisfying about crossing off items on your to-do lists. This simple task will make your life so much easier!


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Social media will suck you right into a time trap. Yes, it can be entertaining and sometimes educational, but if you aren't careful it can waste your time. It's important to minimize all distractions while focusing on your tasks. Try putting your phone in a different room while working and for the love of God, keep the tv off. The fewer distractions you have, the more you're able to focus on your tasks at hand.


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According to, you are 65% more likely to reach a goal once you have committed to another person. The success rate increases to 95% when you organize ongoing meetings to check-in and track your progress. For more on this, I have highlighted the ways these partners can help you with your goals in my blog post: ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS CAN MAKE YOU MORE SUCCESSFUL. Check it out and find reliable people in your life that you deem worthy of the title.


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There isn't anything quite like getting the opportunity to allow yourself to splurge on something you've worked hard to receive. Creating fun incentives for when you accomplish your tasks is a great way to keep you motivated. I don't allow myself to enjoy a glass of wine until all of my end-of-day duties are completed, and it makes that glass so much more enjoyable.

It's possible to retrain your brain to stop procrastinating! It will take hard work and effort, but if you implement these suggestions you'll see a difference over time. Remember to always give yourself grace when altering your habits.



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Meagan is the Creator and Founder of She strives to create content that will help encourage single women to build better relationships with themselves and inspire them to work towards their personal goals. Additionally, she is an aspiring film and tv producer and resides in Los Angeles, California.