• Meagan A. Culberson

stop procrastinating & get organized!

I am a procrastinator, well was.. I'm no longer claiming that lifestyle. It has done nothing for me but add more anxiety and pressure into my life. Procrastinators commonly explain their reason to wait until the last minute by stating that the added pressure makes them work better, which can be true for some, but it also can just be boiled down to pure laziness.

Procrastination doesn't allow you to plan properly and planning is crucial because it also allows you enough time to create contingency plans incase everything doesn't go accordingly. Additionally, boss bitches don't procrastinate! They get things done and they don't wait until the last minute because.. waiting until the last minute is just small dick energy and we aren't taking that into the New Year, so I have created a little list (ya'll know I love a good list) of things that can help you to stop procrastinating and get organized!

ORGANIZE your shit

Organization and time management skills will reduce your stress and help to increase productivity. If you are working from home, make sure to create an organized space where you can focus. Everything in this specified work area NEEDS TO HAVE A PLACE! My OCD won't allow me work in unorganized areas because it makes me feel like my mind is unorganized too, which doesn't help me to focus. Make sure that all your supplies are organized in a way that helps the energy of the work area follow better. Feng Shui the shit out of that space! I found this incredible article from TheSpruce.com that shares some helpful tips on how to Feng Shui your work area. Imma need you to check it out, I'm not getting paid for the advertisement, this is just to purely help you get your shit together :)


Having all the things you need to get done in your head can cause you to, quite literally, loose your shit. Writing them down can help you tremendously, so start a to-do list. I normally write down all the things I need to do the day before, just so I am extra prepared. So every Sunday night I write down all the things I need to get done on Monday and anything that pops up on Monday that I can't handle in that moment or requires more preparation I add to that to-do list. You can organize your to-do list however you want but my advice is to focus on time sensitive issues first. Make sure to review your lists at the end of the day and double check and cross off or erase all the things you got done and reorganize it in a way that is best for you.

DELEGATE TASKS.. for my managers

If you are a Manager or Project leader this one is fucking crucial!! You can't do everything by yourself, that is why you have a team. Make sure to delegate the right tasks to the right people. So if you have a graphic that needs to get done for a social media marketing campaign, delegate that task to someone who is a photoshop/graphics genius, easy! Let's be honest, you aren't good at everything so give the tasks to those who are stronger in areas than you. It helps with getting the task completed and allows your team member to utilize their skillset. BOOM.. Two birds, one stone!


This is basically a big ass to-do list for 1 project. However, this one MUST be organized based on time sensitive tasks. Time sensitive tasks are something that needs to get done right now at this very moment. Some of those tasks take a while to process, like permits, the paperwork for this needs to get done first. So while you are waiting for those things to process you can also work on other tasks simultaneously. It's like downloading a file and switching your focus on a separate task while you wait for it to finish.


I'm going to describe this in terms of organizing an event, because that's just the best way for me to explain it.

Prior to EVERY event you need to organize a brainstorming session and map out all the tasks that need to get done. That way you aren't creating last minute projects and tasks days before the actual event day, organizing last minute projects aren't beneficial to a productive work environment and if you had planned properly, these last minute projects would have been fleshed out during that brainstorming session! Also, you aren't going to get a sponsorship for an event a month out, let's be realistic. You need to do outreach at least 4-6 months in advance because companies have budgets that need to get approved. So plan properly not just for yourself but for other aspects. That way all things are handled and set for the day of the actual event and you can switch your focus on being present and ready for any unexpected hiccups and you aren't forced to focus on coordinating or rummaging together a last minute idea.

Ideas are great and all but just because you have a really good one a week out before an event doesn't mean it needs to happen! You are running against time and it just might be best to table the idea and use it for the next time you have an event. Especially if you are getting other people involved, giving others a short term notice to participate in something shows that you aren't being considerate of their schedule and thats fucking rude! PERIOD!


Well this one is self explanatory...If you are able of getting the task done that day then do it! Quit putting things off until tomorrow, if you keep doing that things will never get done! Now like I said before, if a task requires more planning and man power then it obviously can't get done that day but if it's as simple as following up on something, that takes less than 2 minutes, so just do it!

As always I hope that you find these tips useful and you apply them to your everyday life. Let's stop being procrastinators in 2021, hell let's stop being procrastinators now and get our shit organized!

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