• Meagan A. Culberson

Setting Boundaries

Helpful tips on how to create healthy boundaries!

Whether you are new to your journey or have been doing it for a while, it is important to set boundaries, especially when you start dating! Boundaries help you stay committed and help you avoid getting into risky situations. Boundaries teach others how to properly treat you and they steer the wrong people out of your life. Those who do not respect your personal boundaries don't need in your life. They are the type of people that will get you and keep you distracted from your purpose!

So, I have decided to share with you some of the boundaries I have set for myself, to inspire you to create your own list.  NO ALCOHOL

When dating someone new, I don’t want to risk all my hard work because of a drunken night. Alcohol can sometimes alter your thought process and cause you to make decisions that you will regret in the morning. Now, I am not saying that you should never drink again! GOD NO!!! I have a very serious relationship with wine that I don’t think I could ever give up! I am just saying that when you start dating again, opt for water instead of wine on a date. This will allow you to have a clear mind. Alcohol has the tendency to drown our intutition and can cloud our judgment. So NO ALCOHOL!!


Personally, I like being home by 11pm because I am an old soul and I need my beauty sleep. Also, when I tell a guy that I have to be home by a certain time it forces them to plan accordingly. Honestly, I work a full time job and normally have to be up early in the AM. I don’t want to be up all night and setting a time frame will teach them to respect my time. Again, you can set the time that works for you!


This one is pretty self explanatory. I know that you may feel that you have complete control, but the flesh is weak and putting yourself in such a tempting situation is going to catch up with you in the long run.   NO HEAVY PETTING

This too is self explanatory and can cause you to slip up, heavily. You don’t want to get yourself into situations that doesn’t have an easy exit plan. Think smart and don’t do it! This includes kissing! Listen before you get all roudy hear me out -- I know that it may seem unreasonable but kissing (making out) can triggers thoughts in the mind that you will want to act on. Your thoughts become reality and kissing (making out) can ignite those thoughts, so be careful. However, if you do it and feel that you are not able to control yourself…..STOP!!! I know that some of these suggestions can make you want to think things over, but anyone that wants to be in your life will respect the boundaries you have placed for yourself.  Remember why you are doing this! This journey is to help you fall in love with yourself and help you recognize your true value. You deserve to be treated like a Queen and trust me every Queen has set standards and boundaries for herself!

These boundaries will help teach others how to respect and treat you the way you want to be treated!

Now, your list may be a little different, and that is okay. You are not required to do the exact thing I am, these are just mere suggestions. I am interested in knowing what your boundaries are and how they have helped you! Sharing can help others create a more detailed list on how to keep themselves accountable!

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