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Updated: Jan 26

By Tori Yvonne

This month we will be displaying a poem each week from writer, Tori Yvonne.

She writes incredible poems that promotes growth and self healing. I encourage you to read them line by line and decipher what it really means to you and how it makes you feel! If it inspires you, let us know how, and if it creates a spark of creativity in you, express it!

Tori Yvonne

Tori is a teacher and writer living in the Los Angeles area. She began to write as a form of therapy and started to type her feelings in her phone once she moved to Los Angeles. As her writing increased and as time passed she created a book of poems that sparked her self healing journey.

"I never in a millions years thought I would be a published author".

She was never the biggest fan of English in school, but soon came to realize that writing was so healing and it helped her to relieve stress! Writing has helped her grow, recognize her true worth and express her feelings in a healthy manner. She is learning to transform into who she wants to become and not take shit from anyone, especially men who don't value her and waste her time!

Her ebook "...This One is For You" is about all the ups and downs of a relationship she thought would last. She takes you one a journey of growth and helps you process the pain that comes out of a love that wasn't meant to be. Check out her ebook now available on Amazon.com


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