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  • Meagan A. Culberson

Get In Loser, We're Going to New Orleans!

Updated: Jun 6

French Quarter in New Orleans

If you haven’t been to New Orleans make it a mission to go! I recently got the opportunity to visit for a friend’s birthday celebration and I had the most wonderful time. I fell in love with the historic architecture, lovely people, and incredible cuisine! Never having traveled to Louisiana before I didn’t know what to expect but after engaging with the locals and experiencing thrilling adventures with loved ones it is a place that I will without a doubt be visiting again.

We stayed in a spacious Airbnb in the 7th ward just a few blocks away from the French Quarter. Our home was decorated with original crown molding, dark hardwood floors, and a large staircase perfect for anyone’s grand entrance. Not to mention it had numerous bedrooms and a clawfoot tub in the master bathroom. Our arrival mimicked the moment of a reality tv show when the contestants get to claim their rooms. I got the secluded bedroom with roof access which was the perfect place for my morning mediation sessions.

We indulged in the city and swamp life and consumed copious amounts of alcohol.

One of my favorite moments was learning the history of the swamps on our swamp tour. I even got the opportunity to hold a baby alligator and learned about the benefits of the Spanish moss that covered the trees and the Native tribes that occupied the land before colonization. It was surprisingly peaceful.

That same evening we made our way to an eclectically decorated restaurant called Jack Rose. One thing about me is that I love the decor and the more colorful and vibrant the better! This place was dressed with different wallpaper, art and even had beautiful greenery at the roof of the dining room ceiling. Although the decor was spectacular it was the food that left me speechless. I decided to allow myself to eat meat on this trip and ordered the short rib and I truly enjoyed every single bite! The combinations of flavors were delightful and left me humming and dancing from ultimate satisfaction. Something I will try to recreate one day when I decided to start cooking meat again.

The next day my friend Julius and I woke up before the rest of the bunch to run over to the French Quarter for fresh beignets and Irish coffees. I’ve never had a beignet before and I’m so thankful that it isn’t something that I can get easily in Los Angeles because I would most certainly be getting them regularly and that wouldn’t contribute nicely to my semi-healthy lifestyle.

Soon after we met the rest of the crew back at the house and everyone got all dressed up for our Mississippi Boat Ride. And when I say dressed, I mean dressed!!! Again the food was delicious we had fried catfish, red beans and rice, jambalaya, sausage, and bread pudding. There was nothing green on my plate and the most green in the entire dining room was from my killer jumpsuit I was wearing that I snagged at Goodwill specifically for the trip.

Afterward, we took to the deck and had an entire photoshoot. despite the gloomy and cold weather, our photos came out beautifully.

Afterward, we raced home for a brief catnap and got changed for our Bourbon Street adventure. Now to have the proper New Orleans experience you must go to Bourbon street! I am still looking forward to the day that I can experience it during Mardi Gras, but I’d have to wait until Covid is no longer an issue.

However, I still got to earn those infamous Mardi Gras beads and danced the night away with all of my friends in the middle of the street.

I also gave Willies friend chicken a try and good God Almighty was it delicious, along with the gigantic margarita I slurped down. I also got to visit this spirituality store I have been following on Instagram for quite some time called Haus of Hoodoo. Again, the decor was amazing and I made friends with the store cats quickly. I picked up my favorite African black soap, some dried herbs, and flowers to incorporate in my self-love baths. I also got some customized conditioning oils to draw more blessings, abundance, and wisdom into my life. They also smell incredibly amazing and can be used during prayer, on hair and scalp, or as a perfume. I make the most of it and use them for all three. The staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable on all the products and helped me to make the right purchases. I didn’t get everything I wanted because I was avoiding the baggage fees on Delta and only brought a carry-on, but I will be ordering more online and the next time I’m in New Orleans I will make sure to bring a larger suitcase.

I had such a wonderful experience traveling with my friends and although there were many memorable moments I had with them it was the time I spent alone that I will cherish the most. I was on the roof of our Airbnb waiting for everyone else to get ready for dinner that I had the realization that I had received exactly what I had been manifesting. I always prayed for authentic friendships and friends to travel with and there I was with some of my best friends visiting a new city. I truly enjoyed New Orleans and I can’t wait to visit again.

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