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BOOSTING confidence

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It's taken me 28 long years to fully fall in love with myself. Growing up I went through the typical self loathing phase and it continued well into my mid 20's. However, now I can confidently say that I am transforming into the kind of woman I have always admired and I love myself for it.

All this new found love myself didn't happen over night. It is a long, grueling, and enlightening process! However, Auntie Meagan is here to guide you along the way and offer some helpful tips that can make the journey enjoyable! Some of them are pretty self explanatory and incredibly necessary.


In order to start this journey you need to be mindful of how you think about yourself! Easier said than done, I know! I use to think that it was impossible for me to control my thoughts and being a notorious over thinker I really thought that I would never control it, but I did and you will too! It's all about redirection and when hateful, self loathing, an purely negative thoughts pop into your head you need to start to think loving thoughts about yourself. Think of all the things that you love about you and I really don't want to hear that bullshit answer "But, I don't like anything about myself".... You like something about yourself or you're proud about some kind of skill that you have, so think about that shit instead.

When I am trying on clothes and I don't like how my body looks in a particular outfit I always think ...."My ass still fat tho"! Then I am instantly re- energized and start to think of a plan of how I can change the things that I don't like. If I feel bloated or pudgy, I force myself to make healthier habits that will help alter those negative thoughts and feelings.


Now when we tend to think negatively we tend to speak negatively and sis...that's gotta change! We must speak positive affirmations over ourselves! You need to tell yourself that you are fine AF! There is power in the tongue (insert dirt joke here) and you need to watch yo mouth when it comes to how you talk about you!


Look exercising can really help boost your self esteem and shish now that you got time might start right now! Not only does it get your blood pumping, it helps boost your mood! I just lost 5 lbs on this good here quarantine and I don't know how to act! I feel more energized and find myself in such a great mood! Fitting a good workout into your routine will only take about less than 2% of your day! I suggest getting it done in the morning so that the great effects last all day and aid in getting a great night sleep.In addition, it helps you make healthier choices throughout the day. I make sure I eat healthier after a good workout so that it doesn't feel like a complete waste.


This is one of my favorite things to do and I especially love doing it high AF, semi naked, in front of my mirror. True story, when I was younger I did this all the time and one time my grandmama caught me and beat the shit out of me! But I haven't stopped and I really love how it makes me feel! I feel sexy and empowered and just really f*cking good! So I am gonna keep doing it and encourage you to give it a try. Put on your favorite feel good music and starting dancing! I really want to get a group of girls together to take a pole dancing or burlesque class, sounds like a really great single girl soirée event!


Since we are in quarantine you will have to give yourself your very own spa day. Which is not all that bad because it will save your some money. I start by taking a scolding hot shower and drop some essential oils in the tub to let the steam carry the fragrance all over the bathroom. Then I use a body scrub to help exfoliate my skin and follow with my regular shower gel. After my shower I do a sheet mask! I have an obsession with purchasing sheet masks while in Little Tokyo. They are really inexpensive and they keep my skin feeling incredibly hydrated. Give yourself a a little massage and end with a meditation session surrounded by candle light.

These are just a few ways on how I help boost my confidence. My goal is to help you feel a little better about yourself but I can only give you the tips, you have to execute!

I want to know what are some ways that you help build your confidence? I am always down to try new self confidence boosting techniques!

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