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  • Tahira Allen

a lesson in healthy skincare habits.

Updated: Mar 14

Hello to all my single ladies,

Tahira here of Nā∙ked Face & Body! Here to give you a lesson in healthy skincare habits.

First things first, do you know your skin type? If you answered yes, that’s awesome. If I could

give you gold sticker I would. You’d be surprised to know that most people have no idea what their skin type is. Knowing is important, it’ll help you plan a skincare regime that will cater to your skin.

For those of you who do not know, let me help you, answer the following questions:

(1) Does your skin often feel dry? Yes?

(2) Has it always felt dry?

If you answered yes again, then you have Dry skin. If you answered no to the second question then your skin is dehydrated.

(1) Ok, your skin isn’t dry but does it shine within an hour of cleansing it? If you answered yes, your skin is Oily.

(2) Your skin isn’t dry nor is its oily within an hour after washing it but do you find it shinning by time lunch rolls around?

If you answered yes, you my friend, have combination skin. Those of you who answered no, your skin is normal. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get to those healthy habits I mentioned above.

Remember these five letters

C = cleanse

T = tone

S = serum

E = eye cream

M = moisturizer.

No matter your skin type it’s important to cleanse your skin, daily. Both morning and night if you have oily skin (to prevent dirt build up and clogged pores) and at night for all other skin types. I suggest swiping you face with toner & splashing your face with cold water to close your pores in the morning. Before I continue let me circle back to what you should do at night, some of you might hate me for this one but it needs to be said.


I beg of you, no matter how tired, drunk or lazy you might feel that night you have

to wash your makeup off, it’s only hurting you. We all know what’s going to happen, so instead of getting upset and feeling betrayed when your face breaks out the next day, just wash your face. After cleansing use a toner, toners picks up where your cleanser left off by removing whatever residue might be left behind and preps the skin for moisturizers.

Next and an optional step, applying a serum. Serums supply special nutrients to the skin and penetrates deeper than moisturizers. Also optional but should always be a move, eye creams/oils. Use eye creams/oils to hydrate around the eye area. Unfortunately the eyes are most likely the first area you’ll notice fine lines and wrinkles so hydration in this area is a huge plus.

Lastly of course is moisturizing, I don’t think I have to explain this one it’s pretty self explanatory, right? Here’s two extra steps that I personally love and do not skip in my daily/weekly regime. The first is exfoliating, exfoliate your face 1-2 times a week and your body everyday. All those except my people with extra dry skin. Exfoliating promotes skin’s clarity, and radiance by removing dead skin cells from the epidermis (the outer most layer of the skin.)

Next, facial masks! I love a good mask, they’re very beneficial. Find one that sounds good and works for you, many are great for deep cleaning pores, fighting acne, hydrating the skin and much more. Now that I’ve covered the perfect regime recipe I want to cover one last thing not too many people think about when it comes to skincare and that’s healthy eating habits.

At Nā·ked Face & Body we are strong believers in what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. No matter the skin type we suggest drinking a gallon of water a day and eating more fruits and vegetables, especially those with high water content. Think bell peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, mangoes, kale and avocados for vitamins A, C and K. Strawberries are good to eat for those with acne prone skin while lemons, limes and oranges protects from hyperpigmentation.

Whew, I know that was a lot but I hope you found it helpful. For more tips, tricks and information on healthier eating skincare habits visit