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3 Platforms Every Creative Needs To Start Using

Updated: Jun 10

When I first started on this blogging journey I was completely lost and a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to begin and which platforms would help me to grow my audience. However, after countless hours of research and with the help of some fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs I’ve found some stellar tools that have helped me build brand awareness, kept me consistent and allowed me to create some amazing graphics!

In the age of technology, there are a ton of different tools and programs that help us creatives every day. However, researching all of them can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. So I thought it would be best for me to share my top 3 favorites that I know can assist you in your business and help you to establish your brand.


If you aren’t using Flodesk, I assume it’s because you’re living under a rock. Flodesk is, in my opinion, the best email marketing platform out there. They have beautifully designed templates, easy-to-use functions, and allow you to collect an UNLIMITED amount of emails. Yes, you read that right, I said U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D. Other platforms tend to penalize you and increase your monthly subscription cost for the growth of your email list. Which I feel isn’t fair because our ultimate goal as bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs is to grow our audience. However, Flodesk won’t charge you extra every time your email list grows.

“Their easy-to-use functions and pre-designed templates make you feel like a marketing pro!"

Flodesk offers so many unique and aesthetically pleasing email templates. You can either stick with the colors and layout that’s already designed or you can customize your template by including your brand colors and adding additional layout sections, images, and links. Additionally, they offer forms with your subscription, collecting all your new subscribers' information in the audience section of the website and you have the choice of 3 different types of forms, which are: Popup, Inline, or Full page.

“Flodesk workflows help you save so much time.”

Workflows are actions that are set up ahead of time for when your site gains a new subscriber. These workflows will generate and send your pre-customized emails to your new followers, welcoming them or sharing your business's lead magnet with them once they join your community. You’re able to set up time-delayed actions which are incredibly easy to create and make for great follow-ups so you can build a relationship with your audience.

Flodesk organizes your email list beautifully and creates detailed reports for your newsletters. You’re able to categorize your subscribers into different segments, which makes separate email blasts a breeze! Additionally, with their detailed reports you can see how many times your email was opened, marked as spam, and whether it was viewed on either desktop or mobile devices.

Lastly, Flodesk is completely affordable with subscriptions starting at $38 a month. However, if you are looking to save some money I have a promo code that will cut your monthly rate in half, making your subscription only $19 a month! In addition to receiving the benefits described above, Flodesk just launched Flodesk University for their members, which offers short educational videos that teach participants how to properly utilize the platform with different marketing strategies. You'll learn tips on how to create intriguing content, how to build an email list, and even how to develop enticing newsletters. I highly recommend you give Flodesk a try, it is a great investment for your business.

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Canva is one of the best graphic design platforms and everyone should use it in my opinion! Canva creates beautifully designed event posters, social media graphics, and business cards. Their pre-made graphics are easy to customize and fun to play with. The free Canva membership gives you over 250,000+ free designs. However, with the Pro Membership, you have access to over 420,000+ template designs, incredible features like background remover, access to more stock images, and the ability to schedule posts on 7 different social media platforms at the affordable price of $12.99 a month. Canva also allows you to add team members to either membership which is great for collaborating with other creatives on projects.

I use Canva for every social media graphic and event poster for Check out some of the graphics below that I’ve created for my site that have helped me to maintain a professional and sleek look. Give Canva a try for free and see what all the hype is about or If you’d like to invest in your business, brand or blog sign up for the Pro Membership and stay ahead of the game.

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Grammarly is a literal Godsend. I am a bit dyslexic and sometimes my fingers type faster than my mind can think and I tend to make mistakes. However, Grammarly catches every misspelled word, wrong punctuation, and repetitive statement. They have different subscription options that are suitable for everyone and every business. The free subscription gives you suggestions on your grammar and spelling while assisting you with your clarity and delivery. Additionally, Grammarly ranks how engaging your piece is by sharing the percentage of unique and rare words you use and offers suggestions that will get your readers more engaged. You're also able to view I highly recommend giving them a try as they have helped me improve my writing game tremendously.

As mentioned before, tons of different platforms can help you with your business or brand but instead of falling into the trial and error cycle, save some time and gives these platforms a try first. They are easy to use, have aesthetically pleasing pre-made templates, and will enhance the look of your brand and business.

I hope this information gave you clarity and will aid you in deciding on which platforms to try. If you felt this post was informative, please pass the love and share it with your fellow bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Everyone needs help and a simple share could make all the difference.

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