Meet Meagan 

Hi, I'm Meagan!


I'm the writer and creator of Single Girl Club.


Single Girl Club was originally called Single & Celibate and I wanted to document my celibacy journey and keep others encouraged along the way, but after a failed situationship that ultimately caused me to break my celibacy streak I felt that I could no longer write for the blog that I had created. I felt like a failure. However, it gave me a new perspective on what my blog should be about and who it was destined to inspire. So I rebranded and began focusing on all Single women.


I want SGC to be the place that single women flock to, to be encouraged and get inspired during their single season. SGC is  a place that will help women learn to focus on their goals and their passions before finding their mate and most importantly teach the importance of self love.


I want women to learn how to love themselves fully before entering into a relationship and work on every goal they have desperately wanted to pursue.

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