Hello there! I'm Meagan, the creator of! I am beyond grateful that you took the time out of your day to visit! I created this site because I wanted to recognize ambitious single women and show that we are capable of amazing things. 

At moments I struggle with being content in this season and other moments I love my space. I       figured that I couldn't be the only one going through this rollercoaster journey and wanted to create a community that could bring encouragement to other women in the same season. My goal is to be open and honest and honestly its incredibly difficult being vulnerable, but I hope in my vulnerable moment it will help you find strength. I want to connect with you all and in order to do so, I figured I would tell you a little bit more about me.

I am a child of divorce and although I have amazing and loving parents, I witnessed a toxic relationship that molded my view on relationships altogether. My parents were young when they had me and they were still figuring out who they were but they had to deal with the reality of raising a child.


After their divorce my father moved to the DMV and I got to see him during the summer and on some holidays. Not having my father at home took a toll on me and I was incredibly jealous of my friends that had both their parents. As I got older and starting dating, I didn't know what to expect other what I grew up seeing.


I thought relationships consisted of a constant cycle of makeups and breakups. I looked at a relationship as a way to validate myself and that if someone else loved me I would be okay...ummm NO!

Single Girl Club

is here to help other women love themselves.

After seeing and being in toxic relationships I have come to realize that the key to a healthy one is to love yourself first!


So I thought until it was the right time, I would work on being the best version of myself! I am focusing on my goals and doing things that boost myself esteem and I am enjoying my own company! I became celibate, which has been a great aid in helping me determine what I do and don't want and it's helped me recognize my true value. I started treating myself with the love and respect I deserved and now it's mandatory for anyone who wants to share my time to do the same.

It's not an overnight process, it will take time and this is a space where women could come and get inspired to start doing things that make themselves happy. Being single is portrayed as this horrible thing, that if you don't have a significant other then you are less than and you will never be whole until you find the one that completes you. I don't believe that! You are already whole! You just need to recognize it!

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